DF Direct Weekly talks Switch Pro leaks and Steam Deck/Elden Ring reactions

DF Direct Weekly tallies up its 51st show, but it’s actually our 52nd week – we took a break for Christmas – meaning that this week is our one-year anniversary! And it’s a particularly meaty episode this week as the team convene to wrap up discussions on Elden Ring and Steam Deck, specifically by tackling virtually every question we received on both topics from backers of the DF Supporter Program.

Looking at the table of contents below, you should get some idea of how those particular discussions play out, but we also spend a good deal of time looking at the massive Nvidia leak and its implications for Switch Pro (aka Switch 2, Switch Model S ad infinitum). We call it a leak, but actually Nvidia was subject to a massive cyber-attack and the full extent of the stolen data remains to be seen. In the meantime, we should expect to see various information spill out: we already have some idea of the kind of GPU configurations we should expect from Team Green’s next-gen GPUs, while the Switch successor information is intriguing.

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