DF Direct Weekly talks Elden Ring performance, Street Fighter 6 and Sol Cresta issues

Welcome to the blog post surrounding the publication of the 50th edition of Digital Foundry Direct Weekly, meaning that we’re swiftly coming up to our one year anniversary of the show, something we may have celebrate in some way! I wasn’t able to be involved with this particular episode owing to the commitment to the Steam Deck review, but rest assured, you’re in good hands with John, Audi and Alex tackling the key topics of the week.

That kicks off, of course, with Elden Ring. Our coverage has been somewhat piecemeal to date as code arrived late, plus both Namco and ourselves wanted to put out performance data related to the day one patch – though it appears that not much changed from prior versions: there have been some tweaks from the network test code we looked at last year, but ultimately, there is the sense that both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series versions should be smoother than they actually are in their respective performance modes, while it’s difficult to fathom how the PC version released in the state it did.

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