Destiny 2: The Witch Queen is the best FPS campaign in years

We’re about a week into Destiny 2‘s latest expansion, Witch Queen, and already I’m falling back in love. I’ve dusted down my fancy Warlock robes, re-familiarised myself with all that volatile Void space magic, and now I’m thumbing rounds into my Jade Rabbit as I get ready to pop even more Hive grubs. Destiny is back, baby, and it’s never been better.

I dropped off, hard, at Beyond Light. Launching way back in November 2020, I tried to love all the Stasis stuff that was going on, but it irritated me – playing the Crucible back then when you could be frozen on the spot was more irritating than just about any other PvP activity I’ve ever experienced in games. Alongside obtuse gear systems, and some Seasonal stuff I just didn’t care about, I was done with Destiny for a bit. And that was a shame, because I’ve been with the game since the Destiny 1 beta back in the day.

So I came crawling back with Witch Queen. A marketing campaign and hype train combo like that will do that to you. I’ve lost touch with some friends lately and shooting some space idiots whilst chatting is always a good way to reconnect, too. The stars (or pyramid ships, or whatever) aligned.

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