Content Warning takes the internet by storm after going free on Steam

Content Warning was released just yesterday, and already it’s taking the internet by storm. The game launched for free and will remain so for 24 hours, leading to a shocking concurrent player peak of 86,385 as of writing.

The game, a co-op spooktacular, has you and a gaggle of friends face your fears in hopes of going viral on SpookTube. Armed with a trsuty video recorder, it’s all about capturing the scariness on camera and watching it back later. The more scares you get on film, the more viral you go and the more money you get back! That money can be spent on better equipment, and the content cycle repeats again.

The game was created by Landfall Games, the minds behind Totally Accurate Battlegrounds, Stick Fight The Game, among other smaller projects. They’ve a history of pulling off quirky and enticing games – and it looks as though Content Warning is no different! Early reception is positive, with many taking to this cooperative horror title and having a blast messing around with its found footage spin on the genre.

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