Check out 10 minutes of new GTA 5 ray tracing footage

GTA 5 is coming to the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S tomorrow, and is bringing a brand new ray tracing graphical option with it. Players looking to see Los Santos in a whole new light will be able to toggle this option in game, enabling some fairly gorgeous visuals even in a game that’s nearly a decade old.

If you’d like a small glimpse at this ray tracing in action, we’ve got a short ten minute video embedded above showing off the feature in a range of weathers. Whether it’s a slight drizzle, a sunny day with wet roads, or a torrential downpour the impact of ray tracing is everywhere.

If ray tracing isn’t your thing, GTA 5 comes with three total graphics settings that is sure to have something you like, be it fidelity mode that makes the game as beautiful as possible with a 30FPS cap, or performance mode that locks FPS in at 60 for a smoother feeling gaming session.

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