Battle Aces feels like a brilliant competitive RTS for the TikTok generation – and also the old, somehow

The whole thing now, I’m told, is that everybody has a short attention span. Are you still reading? Are you drifting? Focus! The old-man-shouts-at-cloud element blames this on phones, on social media, on whatever else. Whatever the reason, it feels like a real phenomenon – and perhaps that’s why the real time strategy genre has stumbled a bit in recent decades.

I used to be really rather good at certain RTS titles, having been in the high-end percentile for online play in a couple of classics. I still boot stuff like Starcraft 2 and Red Alert 3 from time to time for a nostalgia-stroking skirmish. But one thing I note is: it’s a genre that takes time. A good match is probably half an hour. That’s probably a tall ask if your primary media consumption is reels. Or, if like me, you’re in your thirties, with a family, a work to-do list longer than the firing range of a sniper hero unit, and limited free time.

The solution to that conundrum may very well be Battle Aces, a new RTS from Uncapped Games that I got to play a few matches of.

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