Bad news, Palworld has infiltrated one of Pokemon’s longtime strongholds: weird, unofficial halloween costumes

Look, since Palworld took off, you’ve probably assumed that its creatures would soon soon spawn slightly weird looking merch that may, but probably doesn’t, have the actual blessing of the game’s creators, just as Pokemon‘s gang of critters has done for years now. Sorry, but I think you need to actually see some of them.

The Palworld/Pokemon discourse has thankfully died down a bit since its mid-January heyday, mainly thanks to all the Xbox chatter and now it’s just kind of one of the games people are playing. No matter whether you’re busy breeding 2000 Relaxauri or, I don’t know, doing something a bit less out there, thanks to the power of the internet, there’s a slightly unnerving real life costume out there for you.

We’re going to start off with the group of outfits that kicked off my journey into the Palworld costumeverse, which were spotted by someone on the game’s subreddit who just happened to be served an advert from Chinese retailer AliExpress. Hey, it’s a Grizzbolt, a Cattiva, a Depresso, and an Incineram, all rendered via quite tight-looking and human-sized morph suits.

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