As we all expected, GTA Online’s next big heist’s about…helping the police and shooting up a chicken factory

The trailer for the next big update that’s coming to GTA Online has just dropped, and what’s Rockstar got in store for us this time? Well, it’s helping out non-corrupt law enforcement and seeing how chicken burgers get made.

Yup, if you’re looking for something GTA-ish to do while you wait for more news on GTA 6 that isn’t just about its developers not being too happy about being forced to return to the office, GTA Online’s gonna try its level best to put you off your next fast food order. To be fair, you will get to kill a few corrupt cops in nice muscle cars as a trade-off.

The next big heist you’ll be able to take on as you fight to avoid just being the landlord of half of the properties in Los Santos who occasionally gets blown up on the freeway is called “The Cluckin’ Bell Farm Raid” and it’s set to arrive on March 7 across console and PC. If the name seems familiar, it should be. The new missions are based around the factory farm owned and operated by Cluckin Bell – you know, the series staple restaurant that once faced that daunting task of fulfilling Big Smoke’s order.

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