As The Elder Scrolls Online turns 10, here’s why you should be playing Bethesda’s overlooked Skyrim follow-up

I’ve rambled plenty about The Elder Scrolls Online (aka TESO for the sake of brevity) in the past, so it only makes sense that I try to talk more readers into checking it out now that it’s turning 10 years old, which is like ten times the period during which the average live-service AAA slop stays relevant nowadays. This isn’t a sponsored post, I promise.

Mind you, TESO had its fair share of ‘early days struggles’ like 99% of huge online games, but it managed to make a sizable comeback by doubling down on what the Elder Scrolls series is known for (but, you know, online) instead of trying eat a large piece of World of Warcraft‘s cake (FF14 is much better at that). Making The Elder Scrolls Online feel at least partially like an Elder Scrolls adventure would’ve been a logical starting idea, yet quick-profit-seeking executives didn’t think so at first. Go figure.

Fast-forward to literally a decade later and TESO continues to thrive by committing to the most loyal Elder Scrolls fanbase and everyone who boarded its MMORPG ship over the years because it seemed like a far more welcoming online experience than the alternatives (they’re not wrong). The secret sauce? Having something for every type of player and respecting the amount of time they want to put into the game. That said, I’d argue TESO isn’t your best bet if you’re a sweaty dungeon-crawling maniac in spite of the solid endgame offerings available.

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