Are we finally going to see Hollow Knight: Silksong at tomorrow’s Indie World Nintendo Direct?

A Nintendo Indie World has been set for tomorrow, so of course it begs the question, as it does everytime a games company hosts a presentation: will Silksong be there?

The next Nintendo Indie World is taking place tomorrow, 3pm BST/ 10am ET, as announced by the game developer earlier today, and is promising about 20 minutes of “announcements and updates on indie games headed to Nintendo Switch in 2024.” That’s on the shorter end, even for an Indie World presentation, so don’t expect news on absolutely every indie game under the sun. Nintendo normally has some surprises up its sleeves, including for Indie World, but obviously the surprise that everyone is hoping for is a Hollow Knight: Silksong release date.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: don’t people spam “Silksong when?” in the chat of every livestream like this? What makes this one any different? Well, just earlier this week it was spotted that Silksong received a rating by the Australian ratings board. It received one back in February too, in Korea, a territory whose ratings board frequently reveals games prior to their official announcements. Ratings don’t necessarily mean a game is out anytime soon, for example Silent Hill: The Short Message was rated last year, before the wave of Silent Hill news arrived in October, and that free horror title didn’t release until earlier this year.

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