Apex Legends is set to to double its battle passes per season, and make them only available for real money – naturally, players are fuming

EA has announced plans to essentially split Apex Legends‘ battle passes in two, meaning there’ll now be two shorter ones per season. Oh, and they’ll also only be avialable for real money, rather than being purchasable using Apex Coins. Players aren’t fans of these proposed changes, as you’d expect.

The plans, which are currently slated to kick off with Season 22, were outlined in a blog post. Basically, the gist is that rather than one season-long battle pass as has been the case up until now, the game will offer two half-season ones, with one kicking off the season and another taking over at its halfway point.

The big sticking point is that this switch is being deployed alongside another big one – battle passes will no longer be buyable using in-game Apex points, instead each costing $9.99 each that you won’t have the option to simply earn by playing the game.

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