Analogue OS announced

With the Analogue Pocket set for release later this year, some new details about the device and future Analogue products has surfaced with the reveal of Analogue OS. Moving away from the basic but functional menu design of prior products, Analogue OS seems to be focusing on bringing quality of life features that could greatly enhance the overall experience.

The library feature is perhaps one of the most interesting aspects. This database of information, accessible directly from the device, was seemingly curated with the goal of identifying any and all variants of a game. For games which have had dozens of revisions, including different regions, the library can provide all relevant information. This could even help identify pirate carts as simply inserting the game into the unit will provide information about that specific cartridge. Knowing how common pirated Game Boy cartridges have become, this could become a quick way to identify legit carts for collectors.

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