“All planets are now Malevelon Creek” – Helldivers 2 players reckon the latest patch may have delivered a difficulty spike

A huge Helldivers 2 patch dropped yesterday, June 13, bringing with it more tweaks and changes than you can properly read through in less than half an hour. While it’s generally gone down a treat among players, the revisions Arrowhead made to enemy and patrol spawning look like they might be the exception, with folks complaining of a sharp difficulty spike.

If you were busy washing your hair yesterday, not only did the hefty patch Arrowhead’s had in the works for a little while now arrive, but the Viper Commandos warbond also deployed right on time. Sadly, it doesn’t seem like being able to don a beret is helping players who’re complaining of a post-patch increase in deaths and rage quitting.

As part of the patch, Arrowhead toned down the amount of heavily armored enemies which spawn during higher difficulty missions, filling in the gaps with more smaller enemies, as well as reverting patrol spawning back to what it was like prior to patch 01.000.300.

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