After Helldivers 2 players come up short in latest Major Order, Arrowhead casually declares that “The Second Galactic War” is upon us

Hello. Helldivers 2‘s community failed its last Major Order. Sorry I had to break that to you. Anyway, now Arrowhead says that all of the fighting up until this point – an entire war’s worth, was just the prelude to “The Second Galactic War” which has just kicked off.

While they did manage to kill a lot of bugs – enough to make Helldivers 2’s very impressive sales numbers look tiny in comparison, players have been enduring a bit of harder fight as of late, though things should at least get a bit less frustrating via a spawn rate revamp that’s coming soon. For now thoough, get your correctly coloured Tenderizer ready, the second war has begun.

In a war update posted to Helldivers 2’s Discord server, community manager Baskinator got the honour of delaring this new era’s commencement, in typical Helldivers style – and by that I mean dripping with ironic humour. “After five days of intense decommissioning of Automatons into scrap metal for use in advanced anti-tank mines, the Helldivers came 78% towards the stated goal of 2 billion dead bots,” they wrote, adding: “This means that the new stratagem will continue to elude the Helldiver arsenal for now…”

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