Weird West, The Upcoming Immersive Sim From Former Dishonored Devs, Delayed To March

The upcoming immersive sim western from former Dishonored and Prey devs, Weird West, has been delayed. 

Previously due out on January 11, 2022, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, Weird West will now hit those platforms a little over two months later on March 31, 2022. As for why, the team at Wolfeye Studios needs more time to make it as great as it can be. 

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“Weird West is an impressively deep mix of action RPG and immersive sim elements built on the Wolfeye team’s experience with Dishonored and Prey,” a press release about the announcement reads. “Early feedback is fantastic but, as is the case with any immersive sim, there are a lot of variables that can lead to unintended consequences. More time is needed to deliver an experience that the community expects from Wolfeye and Devovler. The team understands this might be a disappointment to folks, but want to sure that the game they’ve worked on for years is launched in the best form possible.” 

Weird West was first announced during The Game Awards 2019 and it promised a very weird west indeed, complete with gunslingers and fantastical creatures. Two years later, one Game Informer editor went hands on with it and determined that Weird West is a wild west worth exploring

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