Watch Ian play two full levels of Sniper Elite VR on Oculus Rift S

I’ve had my sights firmly set on Sniper Elite VR ever since its initial announcement in 2019. As a big fan of both the flat Sniper Elite games, and open-world VR experiences, the thought of playing a combination of both of these things put my excitement into overdrive. But, after sniping and stealthing my way through the first half of the game, does Sniper Elite VR have a shot at living up to the hype in my head?

You can decide for yourself by watching this week’s episode of Ian’s VR Corner where you’ll be able to follow me through two full levels of the PC VR version of Sniper Elite VR. Both levels are fairly short, but they’ll give you a good idea about the mixture of gameplay styles that you’ll encounter during the game.

The first level featured is basically a standard VR shooting gallery where, with the help a group of resistance fighters, I have to defend an oil refinery from waves of Wehrmacht. The second level feels much more like a classic Sniper Elite level though. That means there’s a semi-open-world structure to the level which encourages you to use stealth, planning and patience in order to take out as many Nazis as possible before they spot you and set off an alarm.

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