Valheim’s aggressive monsters have been told to calm down

Good news for anyone particularly attached to their Valheim buildings, as developer Iron Gate has tweaked the AI to make monsters slightly less keen on smashing up structures.

Iron Gate recently made a change to enemy AI that made monsters much more aggressive towards buildings, and players started to complain the monsters had become a bit too rowdy. Enemies were seen running past players to destroy their buildings instead, while some monsters became so confused about what they should be attacking that they essentially froze in place. I checked the patch out for myself and discovered local greydwarfs had stripped our village walls of decorations, while a run-in with a troll ended in disaster when it became a bit too interested in my friend’s treehouse:

In any case, it seems Iron Gate noticed the AI change was causing a fair bit of chaos, and the AI has been tweaked once again to solve the problems.

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