Unpacking review – incredibly satisfying tidy-’em-up

I don’t know this virtual woman whose cartons I’m unpacking, not really – I never see her face or hear her voice, but I feel connected to her all the same, just through the act of unpacking her belongings. Unpacking is what it says on the tin, a short game about unpacking after a move, but developer Witch Beam somehow managed to fit a whole life inside, expressed through holiday souvenirs, shampoo brands and plush animals.

Unpacking follows a woman across 6 formative moves over a timespan of roughly twenty years, starting with her childhood bedroom. Each move starts with boxes, neatly stacked in a random room, inviting you to just pull things out and find a place for them. Where you place items is largely up to you – Unpacking has a few rules and is fairly strict about you just dumping things on the floor, but you’re given plenty of freedom, and if you don’t like that the magnetic whiteboard absolutely has to go on the fridge, you can even activate an accessibility setting that lets you put stuff wherever.

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