October 15, 2021

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Universal Studios’ Japanese theme park is getting Pokemon attractions in 2022

Universal Studios has announced that it will be adding Pokemon attractions to its theme park in Japan from 2022. Universal Studios and The Pokemon Company announced the new partnership in a press release this week, where the two parties said that a “long-term partnership” has been agreed to, allowing Pokemon-themed rides to be built in the park.

Similarly to the various rides we’ve seen appear in the Super Nintendo World at the location, the press release notes that these new Pokemon attractions will combine real and virtual experiences to create a new “revolutionary” experience for visitors.

To date, there’s no insight into what – specifically – we’re going to see from the partnership. Personally, we like the idea of a ‘Tunnel of Luvdisc’, a ‘Roggenrola Coaster’, a ‘Watchog Flume’ or something similar, riffing on classic rides with a Pokemon-themed dressing.

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