Tunic still lacks a release date, but already has speedrunners interested

Tunic, the tiny fox adventure which recently gained a great demo on Steam and Xbox, still lacks a release date. Alas, despite having a long chat about game secrets with Tunic’s creator Andrew “Dicey” Shouldice, I could not uncover the date we will all explore Tunic’s world further.

But there are promising signs Tunic – already some six years in the making – is finally coming soon, and interest in the game is growing. Apart from the obvious audience of Zelda fans, this dinky adventure has also caught the eye of the speedrunning community.

“Of the entire team, I’m the person with the least experience shipping a title like this,” Shouldice says, “like on a console and stuff like that. I had to do a lot of learning, especially early on, about what it means to design a game.”

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