This Hori Split Pad Pro controller is 20 percent off at Amazon

The Hori Split Pad Pro controller recently returned to the market with a range of colors and even introduced a Pokemon-themed print. Now, this alternate Nintendo Switch controller is 20% off at Amazon. It’s only for the Translucent Black color, but some others are also available with smaller discounts. Other notable “colors” include Monster Hunter Rise, Pac-Man, and Daemon X Machina prints.

What is the Hori Split Pad Pro? It’s a replacement for Joy-Cons that offers a more controller-like experience on the go. The Switch’s standard Joy-Cons don’t have the same grip as the average controller or even the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. So, the Hori Split Pad Pro helps lessen any drawbacks players might experience because of smooth, slippery Joy-Cons.

The Hori Split Pad Pro isn’t some knockoff. It’s officially licensed by Nintendo, though the company itself didn’t create them. So this controller misses some functionalities such as gyroscopes for motion controls, rumble, and amiibo-scanning capabilities. Still, even without all that, it should work nearly the same as Joy-Cons for handheld use.

Some were skeptical about how the Hori Split Pad Pro’s larger attachments lengthened the console body. However, in the end, many agreed that this infamous contraption elevated gameplay and overall comfort despite the longer look. These controllers can improve on-the-go play or home experiences away from a monitor like gaming in bed.

Tech company Hori creates ergonomic gaming peripherals meant for “enhancing your gaming experience.” The company sells controllers for other consoles, arcade sticks, and other accessories for convenience. So the Hori Split Pad Pro is just one of the company’s handy inventions.

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