There’s a free demo of Metroid Dread available to download right now

As a halloween treat, anyone interested in trying out Metroid Dread can now download a free demo from the Nintendo eShop. Available to anyone in possession of a Nintendo Switch, this is a great way for those unsure whether to pick up the latest entry in the Metroid saga to see if Samus’ latest adventure is up their alley.

Metroid Dread follows Samus as she is sent to explore ZDR, a remote planet where a dangerous parasite by the name of the X is surviving. After a previous expedition of seven EMMI robots fails to resolve the problem, it’s up to Samus to travel to ZDR and deal with this dangerous threat.

Metroid Dread was released earlier this month and is already making waves due to its exciting gameplay – acting for many as a much-needed return to the excellent quality the series’ older titles like Super Metroid are known for.

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