December 9, 2022

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The Sims 4 Paranormal Investigator career | Becoming a Paranormal Investigator and building the Medium skill

The Sims 4: Paranormal Stuff Pack is a little different from what we’ve seen in the game of late — offering your Sims the opportunity to become spirit mediums and ghost busters, in addition to the usual selection of new clothes and furniture to decorate their worlds.

With the new pack, Sims can now join a branch of the Freelancer career known as the Paranormal Investigator track, and improve their Medium skill to see greater success on the investigations they undertake.

So, if Phasmophobia has become a little heavy for you and you’re looking for some light relief along the same lines, this guide will tell you everything you need to know about becoming a Paranormal Investigator in The Sims 4:

How to join the Paranormal Investigator career in The Sims 4

In The Sims 4 you get the chance to freelance in a number of interesting careers, including computer programming, digital art, copywriting, and — with the Paranormal stuff pack installed — paranormal investigation.

Freelance careers work a little differently from traditional careers in The Sims 4. There are no career levels to progress through — instead, your Sim joins an agency and picks up freelance gigs from them. Instead of an hourly rate of pay delivered in a daily pay-check, your Sim gets their money only when they’ve completed a gig. But on the upside, instead of set work hours, your Sim can pick up gigs when they feel like it and work somewhat flexibly to complete the job — just so long as they meet the deadline.

And finally, every branch of the freelancer career is linked to a single skill — in the case of Paranormal Investigators, it’s the new Medium skill added with the stuff pack.

To join the Federal Bureau of Spooky Investigation (which really sounds like its budget should support a few full-time employees, but whatever, freelance it is…) and embark on your bone-chilling new career, pull up your Sim’s phone and select the ‘Find a Job’ option under the ‘Work’ tab. Scroll down to the ‘Freelancer’ option and click on the tick to register your Sim as self-employed.

As soon as this is done, a pop-up menu will appear, prompting you to ‘Select an Agency’ to freelance for. Click on the option for ‘Federal Bureau of Spooky Investigation’ to join the Paranormal Investigator trade.

You’ll have to quit any other careers your Sim is currently working in to join an agency — no moonlighting or part-time freelancing gigs for you, I’m afraid. You also can’t technically freelance for more than one agency at a time, though it is possible to switch back and forth between agencies whenever you like under the ‘Work’ tab on the phone (though doing so may result in resetting your job performance and therefore losing related bonus pay).

Alternatively, just ask Guidry

There is one other way to get your Sim hired as a freelance Paranormal Investigator — one that’s a little less conventional than just applying for the job.

Interacting with new special NPC Guidry the Ghost will reveal that he used to be a Paranormal Investigator in life, and that he retains some of his old career connections even from beyond the grave (which actually makes perfect sense when you think about it).

Impress Guidry with your mastery of the Medium skill and he’ll put in a good word for you — just tell him ‘I want to become a Paranormal Investigator’ to immediately get the option to join the Federal Bureau of Spooky Investigation.

How to complete freelance Paranormal Investigator gigs in The Sims 4

Getting a gig as a Paranormal Investigator

Once your Sim is a fully-fledged (well… fully-freelance) member of the Federal Bureau of Spooky Investigation, you can pick up gigs from them in a couple of ways: either by looking under the ‘Work’ tab on the phone, or by checking directly using the ‘Career’ tab in the Simology panel.

Unlike other branches of the freelancer career — which feature a variety of available gigs that change every day and are locked off according to your Sim’s skill level — there are just three types of Paranormal Investigator gigs, all of which your Sims are welcome to try their hands at from the start:

Gig NameBase PayDifficultySpectre Type
Beginner Paranormal Investigation§750EasyFriendly
Adept Paranormal Investigation§1,500MediumMysterious
Expert Paranormal Investigation§3,000HardEvil (plus chance of encountering Temperance)

Once you’ve decided which gig you want, click on it to add it to your Sim’s Career panel. You can only have one active gig at a time. You can cancel gigs at any time, but at a cost to your job performance (which, incidentally, is a lot harder to build in freelancing versus traditional careers in The Sims 4) — so be careful where you’re clicking!

Completing a gig as a Paranormal Investigator

Like all freelancer careers in The Sims 4, Paranormal Investigators technically work from home, insofar as there’s no other workplace they’re based out of — they won’t disappear off to some unseen office site to work their 9 to 5 like other career-minded Sims.

However, even a Paranormal Investigator lucky enough to live in a haunted house of their very own will likely need to travel to haunted houses belonging to other people in order to get the job done. Commissioning yourself to bust your own resident ghosts might seem like a fun idea, but it’s hardly a sustainable way to earn a living.

All gigs in the Paranormal Investigator career begin at 9:30pm — which residents of haunted houses will quickly come to recognise as half an in-game hour after the property’s paranormal shenanigans kick off for the night.

To complete the gig, your Sim will need to perform all of the tasks before the deadline.

How to build the Medium skill in The Sims 4

For Paranormal Investigators in The Sims 4, the Medium skill is their bread and butter — it’s really the only thing (other than completing tasks before the deadline) that makes a Paranormal Investigator good at their job.

Unlike the majority of the skills in The Sims 4, which go up to Level 10, the Medium skill is capped at Level 5.

Sims build their skill in mediumship using the new séance table item introduced in the pack. (You can dress up the séance table — or any other table, for that matter — with the new crystal ball object as well, but despite looking really cool during a séance it doesn’t intrinsically help to develop the Medium skill.)

All interactions with the séance table help to build the Medium skill, as well as each having their own unique effects:

Interaction NameRequired Skill LevelEffect
Commune with the Departed1Gives a pop-up on the notification wall with a message from a ghost
Sense Spiritual Volatility1Tells you if the current lot is haunted and if so, whether the spectres there are friendly, mysterious, or evil
Perform a Ceremony1Reduces spiritual volatility (only available on haunted house lots)
Perform Group Séances/Ceremonies2Sim can lead others in performing séances and ceremonies, including those with no Medium skill
Invoke the Dead3Summons a random ghost or, if there are no ghosts available in the save file, a random spectre
Summon Bonehilda3Summons Bonehilda for one in-game day
Ghastly Ritual4Sim transforms into a ghost (or Bonehilda) for four in-game hours
Create Séance Circles5Sim can create fully functional séance circles anywhere, instead of being tied to séance tables

If you have The Sims 4: Realm of Magic game pack installed as well, Spellcasters will build the Medium skill slightly faster than other Sims. Other than that there doesn’t seem to be any specific trait or emotional state that boosts the rate at which the skill develops — but if we find one, we’ll let you know!

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