December 9, 2022

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The Medium | How to get inside the Niwa Resort

What has Marianne gotten herself into? After an ominous phone call and a trudge through a spooky forest sets off the story of The Medium, you find yourself at the derelict doors of the Niwa resort with no obvious way inside.

By this point you’ve parked up at the outer gate, scaled a dumpster to hop over the barrier, traipsed through the eerie woodland, and gotten to grips with the spirit world in an underground tunnel.

But to get into the Niwa Resort, you need to solve one of The Medium’s first environmental puzzles in the Material World. Here’s how to get started.

The Medium – How to get into Niwa Resort

You approach Niwa Resort’s main hotel through the parking lot, and when you reach the front door, find it chained shut.

Head over to the right and you’ll find another side door, but interacting with it reveals another problem: it’s missing a handle.

Walk back over to the left and you’ll spot an opening above you through some broken glass. With a plan of attack for getting into the building, your attention now turns to searching the area for tools.

Use your spirit sensitivity vision and you’ll be able to see the ghostly footsteps of children wandering around the place.

But to advance, you need to follow the painted yellow arrows on the parking lot floor around to the left-hand side of the car park.

There’s a Niwa monument you can interact with here that you can read for some colour, but press on further over to the left until the camera angle changes.

On the next screen when the angle changes again, you’ll see a clapped out old car.

Take the postcard from the seat then look to the left.

There’s a lever here which pops the trunk at the front of the car.

Inside, you’ll find a screwdriver.

If you want to scour the rest of the area for some optional story, head down to the bottom of the parking lot to find a magazine, then return to the centre to interact with the phone booth, before heading over to the right to use your spirit vision on a hopscotch.

Either way, when you’re done, return to the door with the missing handle.

Use the screwdriver on the door, then make your way through the door.

Interact with the dumpster to push it out towards the broken window.

You can then climb on top of it to make your way inside the Niwa hotel!

For more on The Medium, here’s our full review. Or we also have an interview with developer Bloober Team about their process in creating this next-gen Microsoft exclusive.

There’s another tricky puzzle involving a vase and a corridor full of moths coming up soon, and then tough water tank and door code puzzles later in the game.

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