The Dark Pictures Anthology’s Next Game And Season One Finale Is The Devil In Me

Supermassive Games’ next entry in its Dark Pictures Anthology is called The Devil in Me, which will serve as the season finale for the series. Those who finished House of Ashes, the third installment in the series that launched last Thursday (here’s our review), we’re treated to a teaser trailer for the next horrific adventure.  

If you’re asking, “wait, season finale?” Supermassive announced the Anthology as an eight-game series. This label signifies that the franchise is divided into two seasons of four games, with The Devil in Me evidently wrapping up the first half. The trailer sets the stage for a story revolving around some sort of serial killer and doesn’t appear overtly supernatural at first glance, but we should hopefully learn more soon. While Supermassive hasn’t released the trailer itself, players have already shared it online. Check it out in the tweet below. 

There’s no release date for The Devil in Me, but it’s likely to launch in 2022, given the yearly release cadence of the previous installments. For more on the Dark Pictures Anthology, check out our reviews of earlier entries, Man of Medan and Little Hope

[Source: IGN]


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