October 4, 2022

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The best Black Friday ultra-wide monitor deal is an Alienware

Specifically, a 3440×1440 120Hz IPS screen w/ full-fat G-Sync.

The best ultra-wide gaming monitor deal we’ve found so far this Black Friday is this 34-inch Alienware AW3420DW for £747, reduced from a launch price of £1304 earlier this year – and still £83 cheaper than the £830 Amazon and Currys are charging for the same model. That price is after a double discount from Dell’s Black Friday deals and code DELLMONER12.

The AW3420DW is a 3440×1440 display with a native refresh rate of 120Hz. As a recent release, it comes with a fast IPS panel with 2ms GtG response times and impressive 98 per cent DCI P3 coverage – making this monitor an ideal choice for content creation. Expect wide viewing angles, great colour accuracy and reasonable contrast too, at 1000:1.

The monitor also has a hardware G-Sync module built into it, rather than software-only FreeSync – so you get a tear-free and judder-free gaming experience across the monitor’s entire refresh rate range up to 120Hz. Better still, it’s also new enough to support the cross-platform Adaptive Sync standard, so you also get these benefits on AMD graphics cards – amazing!


Does the monitor have any weaknesses? Not any major ones in my view – its contrast is less than VA panel monitors, which can reach 3000:1 or higher, so dark scenes can appear more gray than black. Similarly, TN panel monitors offer faster pixel response times, making them better suited for competitive first-person shooters,  for example. However, neither TN nor VA are able to deliver colours this good and viewing angles this wide, so you’re making an acceptable trade-off. For the specs on offer, this reduced price is a really solid proposition.

It’s rare to see a double discount on any product, especially a recent release like this, so it’s well worth checking out the AW3420DW if you’re in the market for an ultra-wide gaming monitor. Just remember to use code DELLMONER12 at the checkout to get it for £747.

Oh – and if you fancy trying out that DELLMONER12 code on any other Alienware products, you can find the entire lineup right here and all of Dell’s Black Friday deals here. If you find a bargain we should know about, talk to us in the comments or on Twitter @dealsfoundry!

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