The Analogue Pocket is the best gaming hardware I’ve used in years

We are entering a golden age of retro gaming. Modern video games are also pretty good right now, of course, but if you have a love of the old stuff, this is an unprecedented time. Technology, fan interest, and the right clever brains behind-the-scenes are lining up in just the right way to make playing old games as hassle-free as it is nostalgic, and as era-accurate as it is thrilling. The new embodiment of this era? Analogue Pocket, the greatest Game Boy ever made.

Regular VG247 readers will of course recognize the company Analogue thanks to its status as a regular staple of my detours into the world of retro gaming. In many ways, Analogue Pocket feels like the machine the company has been building to over its last several products. This isn’t to diminish the achievements of the high-end versions of the Super Nintendo, Mega Drive, and NES that the company has released before, as these are all still incredible products. But something about the Analogue Pocket feels like a true culmination of all that research and development expense so far.

So, what is it? Well, if you’ve not been following the lengthy run-up to its imminent release, the Analogue Pocket is a Game Boy for the modern age. It features a beautiful modern screen and a sturdy, premium-feeling modern design. It takes your original cartridges, and out of the box is compatible with over 2700 Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance cartridges. But in many ways, that description doesn’t really do Pocket’s lavish nature justice.

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