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Splitgate PlayStation playerbase has increased in wake of Halo Infinite launch

For those out there who may have worried about the longevity of Sci-fi shooter Splitgate in the wake of Halo Infinite’s release late last year, worry not! In an interview with The Loadout, 1047 Games co-founder Ian Proulx has revealed that the player count for the game on PlayStation consoles has actually risen since Halo’s launch.

The interview, which covers a variety of topics such as the game’s monumental success during 2021, the future of the game heading into this new year, among other things paints a positive picture of 1047 Games and their game. Indeed, Ian champions an overly positive view on the success of Halo Infinite, believing both games can co-exist going forward.

“I’m actually glad [Halo Infinite] is out,” he says. “I honestly think that, in the long run, Halo Infinite and Splitgate will help each other. I think that there’s just so much noise and so many battle royales right now, and [these two games] are bringing people over to the arena shooter genre.”

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