Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon, and The Division merge in Ubi’s 6v6 free-to-play FPS XDefiant

Ubisoft has unveiled its previously teased “new Tom Clancy game”, revealing it to be XDefiant, a 6v6 free-to-play first-person shooter that, just as leaks suggested, mashes up factions from Ghost Recon, The Division, and Splinter Cell.

In its announcement video, Ubisoft calls XDefiant a “high-octane” arena shooter – playable solo or with friends – that features an “irreverent and rebellious” take on the normally serious Clancy vibe, alongside “realistic gunplay” and personalised classes in the form of factions.

Each faction is said to offer its own “gameplay and team dynamics”, as well as unique passive traits, ultras, and abilities that will “change the moment-to-moment gameplay”. Players will be able to mix and match any faction, load out, and weapon – Ubisoft promises an “arsenal of authentic weapons and attachments” – and these can all be switched at will during a respawn.

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