Spec Analysis: PlayStationVR 2 – a shot in the arm for high-end virtual reality gaming

We’ve known it’s coming for some time. Initial press and controller imagery from Sony was swiftly augmented by leaked specifications, now fully fleshed out via an announcement from Jim Ryan himself at CES 2022, along with more details from the PlayStation Blog. PlayStationVR 2 is now official and it’s looking hugely exciting. In fact, from our perspective, high-end VR gaming in general needs a shot in the arm in a world where the mobile-based Oculus Quest 2 reigns supreme and the success of PlayStationVR 2 is our best chance of this happening.

The specs reveal a headset that pushes back boundaries in many directions, building significantly upon the successes of the first PSVR, radically improving screen fidelity, boosting immersion and ridding the platform of the complicated set-up that proved so frustrating for PS4 owners. On that latter point, PSVR2 should literally be plug and play: there’s no breakout box, no external camera, no mixture of various USB and HDMI cables – everything is routed through USB-C, meaning that PSVR2 should simply plug directly into the front of the console and you’re good to go.

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