November 29, 2022

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Someone should make a game about: Liquid drum and bass

If I’m on a lengthy train journey, or a bus ride, or a flight with friends – I’m ever so dull. Sometimes I wonder if I’ve got a bit of an issue, especially when friends suggest a game of cards and I swear I can feel the puddles of dopamine evaporate in my brain. I am content to sit and stare out the window, just totally shutter off interaction and ponder. In a metal capsule travelling at speed, it’s as if I shrink into myself, vanish into my own thoughts.

The thing is, I don’t really think of anything. That’s the bizarre part. Or at least, I can never recall any of it. The moment a bell dings, or an announcement cuts through the air, all those thoughts slink away, careful not to leave a trace. I’ve been somewhere else, but where? I feel better for it, though, I feel refreshed, as if the knots in my mind have been undone and restitched. Perhaps it is my unsociable pruning method seizing its chance to conduct maintenance.

Like a coffee to a morning, I find liquid drum and bass is the perfect accompaniment to these trips. It doesn’t deliver a mighty gut punch like the usual drum and bass you’re probably thinking of. Instead, it’s more ‘rhythmic chop of a masseuse’, shall we say. Think juice with no bits, the rush of a waterfall, a timelapse of a city at night. Your average drum and bass can be aggressive and gritty, but liquid really is called liquid for a reason – it washes over you.

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