January 26, 2023

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Severed Steel is a stylish bullet-time-infused shooter whose hero can’t reload

Greylock Studio’s Severed Steel has been announced, and it’s bringing some intense-looking bullet time action to PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Severed Steel is a first-person shooter that’s got a pretty unique issue preventing its main character from going about the shooting like most FPS heroes – she only has one arm. She can’t reload, and must instead pilfer weapons from her enemies by out-manoeuvring them using slides, dashes, wall runs, and dives to get the drop on her enemies.

Looking like a mix of Superhot and a John Woo joint, the interesting first-person shooter has a focus on stylish traversal and bullet time, with a lot of the trailer focusing on the player offing enemies in style with slowed-down headshots and acrobatic feats.

You play as the eponymous Steel, and you pick up her story after she loses her arm in an accident caused by megacorporation EdenSys. Abandoned by her employer after the accident, and feeling somewhat dejected by the turn of events, Steel sets out to rescue others that are trapped in the wreckage of the accident… and take revenge herself.

If you keep moving, and employ cool parkour-inspired techniques, you’re practically invincible, since enemies can’t hit you with bullet-fire when you’re in motion. Better yet, the whole world is completely destructible – bear that in mind as your powers get more destructive.

The game launches this summer, and if you’re eager to play the newly-announced title on the PS5, fret not: it’ll be available on the new hardware via backwards compatibility.

Severed Steel

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