Season 2 of Netflix’s The Witcher series arrives this December

As part of tonight’s WitcherCon, a livestream collaboration between CD Projekt and Netflix, the streaming service has announced that the long-awaited second season of its live-action Witcher TV series will arrive on 17th December this year.

That means fans will have been waiting almost exactly two years by the time Season 2 arrives (its predecessor debuted in December 2019), with the long gap between seasons largely the result of coronavirus-related filming delays. With filming wrapped and post-production now well underway, though, Netflix is finally ready to talk specifics and has confirmed Season 2 will once again consist of eight episodes, all of which have now had their official names revealed.

According to a video shared by Netflix, Season 2’s episodes will be titled A Grain of Truth, Kaer Morhen, What is Lost, Redanian Intelligence, Turn Your Back, Dear Friend, and Voleth Meir, in that order. The video also reveals the symbols accompanying each episode’s title card, and Netflix teases that fans might be able to deduce some of what’s in store based on those clues.

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