Respawn details further measures to stop Apex Legends cheaters

As with many online games, Apex Legends unfortunately has its fair share of cheaters, and developer Respawn is in something of a continuous battle to prevent them from misbehaving. In recent months players have reported increased DDoS attacks on Ranked games, with Respawn pledging to take “huge steps” to fix the problem. And we now have another update on what the studio is doing to combat cheaters, with Respawn hiring more people and developing new tools to keep them at bay.

As explained on Twitter, Respawn said it’s hiring “more people to focus on manual bans”, and is also investigating new ways to catch and remove cheaters from games – presumably through automated tools. Respawn also specifically addressed the DDoS problem, saying it was “developing more tools to automatically detect and stop DDoS attacks”.

“Playing against cheaters sucks,” said Respawn’s Twitter account. “We’ll keep you updated as we ship the above changes and pursue new ones.”

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