Resident Evil Village Cosplayer Does ASMR In Full Lady Dimitrescu Cosplay

Lady Dimitrescu stole the show when Capcom first revealed Resident Evil Village and now that the game is out, that love hasn’t slowed. While other aspects of the game are finally getting their time to shine, that Tall Vampire Lady fervor hasn’t slowed one bit. We’ve previously shared an incredibly accurate cosplay of this particular character, but one fan took the character even further by doing an ASMR Ethan Winters scenario. 

ASMR is a feeling that invokes a tingling sensation from the scalp down through the neck and into the rest of a person’s body for a controlled stimulus effect triggered by certain sounds. It’s been huge lately, especially in the YouTube community, and for good reason. While skeptical at first, a friend recommended particular ASMR sounds for migraines and it’s been a total lifesaver, which has caused me to venture out into the web for more gaming takes on this community. Because I have no chill when going full-on fandom love with games I enjoy, it didn’t take me long before I saw a crossover between Lady D and ASMR and you know what? I’m not mad at it at all.

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 The YouTuber in question goes by Saria ASMR and her entire channel is made up of different ASMR experiences. Some gaming takes with Legend of Zelda, Nintendo, and Dungeons & Dragons, but this Lady Dimitrescu take seems to be her first one in cosplay. You can scope out the rest of her videos through her channel here

Regarding the game itself, we’ve loved our time in the latest Capcom horror adventure. While Lady Dimitrescu didn’t have the biggest part to play, her role was important and added to the overall narrative that is Ethan Winters’ disastrous life. Our own Ben Reeves scored Village an impressive 9.25 in his review. You can read his thoughts right here, as well as a small blurb below: 

Resident Evil Village’s narrative is more compelling than I expected. Ethan is still a bit of a bland everyman, but his journey to rescue his daughter is full of wild characters and a handful of surprising moments. Village’s narrative was never the main thing driving me forward, but I’m glad to see that Capcom actually put some thought into this world, and a few of the late game twists have me genuinely excited to see where the series goes next.

Resident Evil Village is an impressive package. I loved the recent remakes of Resident Evil 2 and 3, but I’m excited to see Capcom push the series forward again. Village expands on Resident Evil 7: Biohazard’s approach to first-person combat, offering a series of white-knuckle encounters that perfectly complement Capcom’s unnerving environmental design. Thankfully, Village’s amplified action doesn’t diminish its horror. If anything, Village maintains a sense of dread that few games can match. If you have the intestinal fortitude for intense terror, playing Resident Evil Village is a great way to check your pulse. 

Resident Evil Village is available now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Don’t forget to check out our handy dandy beginner’s tips and tricks guide here before diving in

Thoughts on this creative Lady Dimitrescu cosplay ASMR take on Resident Evil Village? Shout ’em out loud and proud in the comment section below! 


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