Relive Senna’s Challenges and Victories in Horizon Chase Turbo: Senna Forever

Ayrton Senna, the legendary and respected Brazilian racing driver, changed history throughout his inspiring winning career. Senna is still known as one of the most iconic drivers of all time to this day for many aspects: his technique, his charisma, his example and his grit. Not by chance, Senna was respected by everyone, from passionate fans to the most determined rivals.

Now you can honor his memory and relive his most amazing steps in a nostalgia-driven arcade-style racing game. If you already play Horizon Chase Turbo, it’s time to celebrate. But if you don’t, this expansion is an epic reason to begin discovering this classic and awarded game.

Horizon Chase Turbo: Senna Forever is the game’s largest expansion to date, debuting an entirely new set of cars, tracks and features inspired by Senna’s career — which, by the way, is all thanks to the partnership and support of Senna Brands. Part of the profits obtained with the expansion will also be dedicated to support Ayrton Senna’s Institute educational programs. Great, isn’t it?

Let me show you some of the main features we’ve got waiting for you. Full throttle!

Horizon Chase Turbo - Senna Forever

Career Mode makes you feel Ayrton Senna’s most iconic challenges and victories.

Imagine you impersonating Senna in first-person view gameplay, in a campaign specially focused on some of the biggest moments of his journey to glory? – that’s the Career mode, the main feature of this expansion. Play in 5 different chapters, each with a set number of key races based on his life career – reliving real defining moments of each grid, checkpoints we call “Senna’s Marks”, that you can also complete!

Horizon Chase Turbo - Senna Forever

Master the weather, and get recognized.

And did I mention you become the “Rain Master” for completing these? Yeah! Senna was known as the Rain Master because he was even more fearsome at racing in this wet weather – will you take advantage too? There’s only one way to find out.

Horizon Chase Turbo - Senna Forever

The unique thrill of the cockpit.

For the first time ever in Horizon Chase Turbo, you’ll be able to feel the heat of the moment from the inside of a cockpit. You’ve got to try our brand-new first-person view, a feature exclusive to this expansion that you can optionally use. How outstandingly fun is that?

Horizon Chase Turbo - Senna Forever

Choose your strategies carefully, as Senna did.

Usually, in Horizon Chase Turbo, your strategy picking was selecting your car before the race. Well,  this time you’re Senna, so you’re using cars inspired by the ones he drove too. To keep the strategy aspect on, though, we’ve created a new mechanic called Race Strategies. Before each race, you’ll have to pick which one to focus on: Enhanced Tires, Advanced Aerodynamics or Special Fuel.

Horizon Chase Turbo - Senna Forever

The fun lasts forever: a Championship Mode with unpredictable challenges.

Good news for those worried about the replayability. The Championship Mode will get you 100% covered with 18 different and playable teams to choose from and three categories, depending on what kind of challenge you’re looking for. All races here feature randomized competitors, tracks and weather, so you’ll never know what’s coming.

Horizon Chase Turbo - Senna Forever

Lots of new cars await.

Cool down! Many new cars are also coming for you to unlock! There are 6 new ones coming to the Career Mode and also more than 30 different other playable cars to choose from on Championship Mode. Charming, eh?

Horizon Chase Turbo - Senna Forever

We love the smell of tires in the morning.

Do you remember, as kids, when we used to all sit together on the couch to play? That was something, wasn’t it? We brought that feeling back! You can play Horizon Chase Turbo: Senna Forever with up to 4 local players, also with randomized stuff from the Championship Mode. But the snacks are on you!

So, are you excited? Because we certainly are. Buy now, be fast, and secure your place in the starting grid! Horizon Chase Turbo – Senna Forever is available now on the Xbox Store for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

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Horizon Chase Turbo – Senna Forever




In Horizon Chase Turbo – Senna Forever you will follow the steps of the legendary
Brazilian driver on an emotional 5-chapters Single Player Career Mode. Feel the heat of the moment from the inside of a cockpit with the brand new
first-person view (Senna Forever-specific). Make tough choices with the new race strategies mechanics (Senna Forever-
specific), choose your car setup considering each race track and weather
conditions. Pursuit over 130 Senna’s Marks on Career Mode, trying to achieve the driver's
outstanding historical performance. BECOME A LEGEND YOURSELF
Choose one of the 18 different teams and dominate the world circuit racing
through three different categories on the Championship Mode. Unlock more
than 30 cars to play in this game mode. RACE ENDLESS CHAMPIONSHIPS WITH YOUR FRIENDS
Playing alone or up to 4 local players, experience unique runs on each
championship with the unpredictability of randomized weathers, tracks and

Xbox Live

Horizon Chase Turbo

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Horizon Chase Turbo is a racing game inspired by the great hits of the 80's and 90's: Out Run, Top Gear, Rush, among others. It recreates classic arcade gameplay and offers you unbound speed limits of fun. COUCH MULTIPLAYER IS BACK
Horizon Chase Turbo offers a Multiplayer Split Screen mode that rescues the nostalgia of playing with your best friends sitting on a couch all night long. 16-BIT GRAPHICS REINVENTED
Horizon Chase Turbo is inspired in the past without letting go of its contemporaneity. You'll pilot your car through extraordinary places, watching the sun setting, facing rain, snow, volcanic ashes and even severe sandstorms. BARRY LEITCH, THE LEGEND
Horizon Chase Turbo presents Barry Leitch, the musician behind the soundtracks of classic arcade racing games Lotus Turbo Challenge, Top Gear and Rush.

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