PUBG: Battlegrounds is Now Free to Play

The year 2022 is here and PUBG: Battlegrounds is now free to play! A warm welcome to those joining us for the first time and to those existing players making their return who are striving to become a lone survivor once again!

To learn more about Battlegrounds Plus and rewards for those who have owned the game before the F2P transition, you can find details by following the link here. If you participated in the pre-registration event, don’t forget to get your rewards by linking your account to Krafton ID.


As PUBG: Battlegrounds goes free to play, we have prepared new content to provide both existing and new players with a fresh and diverse gameplay experience. The most noticeable is Tactical Gear such as Drone and EMT Gear. This type of gear is equipped in the primary weapon slot and can be used for creative and long-term strategies.

Drone allows players to scout a far distance safely and even pick up an item without facing the risk of direct combat. To deploy the Drone, the player should loot and equip the Drone Tablet and toggle into Drone View. Once the Drone launches into the air, the player’s movement is restricted. The Drone has a large 300m operation radius and makes noise while in flight with the ability to pick up or drop a single item. 

EMT Gear allows players to opt into increased healing potential for both themselves and their team at the cost of reduced combat flexibility. Players will receive numerous passive benefits with the EMT Gear: it will only take 3 seconds to use healing items such as bandages, First Aid Kits, and Med Kits and to revive a knocked down teammate. Also, Bandages and First Aid Kits will heal players to max health. Employ the various features of the EMT Gear and operate your team more strategically.


There’s more! Improved Training Mode, Tutorial, and the 1 vs 99 AI mode have been added so those who are new to PUBG: Battlegrounds can learn and practice basic skills step by step.

We’re also running the Invite a Friend Event so players can enjoy the free-to-play PUBG with their friends. Log into the game and check out the details to bring home G-Coin, Fighting Together Hoodie and other gifts!

See you on the battlegrounds!

Xbox Live




Xbox One X Enhanced

Land on strategic locations, loot weapons and supplies, and survive to become the last team standing across various, diverse Battlegrounds.
Squad up and join the Battlegrounds for the original Battle Royale experience that only PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS can offer. PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS is a free-to-play game, supporting limited cross-platform play on featured platforms.
This content download will also provide access to the BATTLEGROUNDS Test Server, which requires a separate download to play. 
Optional in-game purchases available.
Please visit for more information. 

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