Oops I let the humans die: being god of the galaxy in The Fermi Paradox is tricky

Maybe I should start again? I’ve fudged it.

I got off to a great start though. I switched Earth to an entirely plant-based diet and felt very happy with myself, but then I sort of let a nuclear war wipe half the population out. I went a bit Thanos. And then, whoops, I thought I’d see what happened if I let a vicious group of people unleash a virus on what was left of the world, and well, total extinction apparently.

Shame! Alien contact was just around the corner. The prun horse-people, more advanced than the humans, were already on their way. But when they arrived there were no humans there to meet. How embarrassing! Mind you it’s probably for the best. We’d probably have tried to put saddles on them.

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