August 5, 2021

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Now you can buy your favorite gran some VG247 merch for Christmas

No doubt she’s always wanted a t-shirt with a wolf spider emblazoned on the front of it.

If you’re sat at your desk wondering what to buy your relatives for Christmas, we’ve saved you a whole lot of hassle by launching the VG247 merch store. We’ve got a proper roll-out coming next year, where you’ll find even more VG247-branded clothes and apparel, but for now you can get in early and snap up a couple of t-shirts. You can now be the person that gets asked, “where did you get that amazing t-shirt from?”

VG247 t-shirt merch designs.

First up we’ve got the Wolf Spider design. Is it a wolf? Is it a spider? Is it the best artwork you’ve ever seen on a t-shirt and something you want to own? If the wolf spider is too striking an image for you, then the fly t-shirt might be more your thing.

Either way, buy one of these and you can spread the message of delivering video game justice to everyone, or at least those in your household and anyone you see during video calls. Justice travels over the internet, too.

Each shirt will set you back £20, plus shipping that starts at £1.65 but will cost more if you live outside the UK. Incidentally, merch for some of our sister sites is available for your less-loved gran.

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