October 21, 2021

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No Man’s Sky’s latest Expedition is a great re-introduction to five years of updates

Do you, like me, find yourself firing up No Man’s Sky with giddy enthusiasm with every new update, eager to sample Hello Games’ latest delights, only to become immediately overwhelmed, prod a few things hesitantly, then turn it off half an hour later clouded in an air of bewilderment? Then allow me to introduce you to No Man’s Sky’s latest Expedition: Cartographers.

Expeditions, in case you’re out of the loop (or, equally likely, at the other end of the loop, still trying to figure out everything that got released in-between), are effectively No Man’s Sky’s stab at live-service-style seasonal content. They’re limited-time, curated experiences that condense and reshuffle the game’s sprawling tangle of systems into a series of progression-based milestone challenges that plop everyone on the same starting planet and reward fun cosmetic doo-hickeys to those that get to the end.

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