Nintendo Happy With Upcoming Mario Film, More Movies Likely On The Way

Nintendo is reportedly happy with the upcoming CG Mario movie being made by Despicable Me and Minions studio Illumination, and according to Shigeru Miyamoto, more movies based on Nintendo properties could be on the way. 

This news comes by way of Video Games Chronicle, which reported on the latest Q&A session section of Nintendo’s recent financial results briefing. In it, Miyamoto told investors that the upcoming Mario movie is basically done and that Nintendo is feeling very positive about it. 

Don’t get too excited just yet, though – Nintendo doesn’t plan on releasing the movie early despite it being essentially done. It’s still planned for Holiday 2022. Miyamoto reportedly said that Nintendo really wants to meet fans’ expectations with this Mario movie and that as a result, it will use the extra time to continue polishing the film ahead of its release next year. 

Elsewhere in Miyamoto’s discussions about the movie, he said that Nintendo is planning ot make more movies based on its other properties, citing a desire for people to experience said properties in a variety of ways (rather than just video games). He said Nintendo will make each movie one by one, though, so as not to have multiple in production, which could affect each’s quality. 

These comments come just days after rumors of a Donkey Kong movie headed by Seth Rogen, who is voicing Donkey Kong in the Mario movie, began to swirl around, as noted by VGC. Only time will tell what the next Nintendo movie is, but considering Donkey Kong and Cranky Kong, who will be voiced by Fred Armisen, have already been cast, a Donkey Kong movie sounds like a safe bet. 

While waiting to learn more about Nintendo’s movie plans, check out the full cast list for the upcoming Mario movie

[Source: Video Games Chronicle]

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