Nexus Mods removing lifetime membership option

If you were ever tempted to splash out on lifetime premium membership for Nexus Mods, it’s now or never, as the mod platform is removing the option in August.

Nexus Mods yesterday published a blog post detailing upcoming changes to its billing system. While Nexus Mods is usable for free, premium membership has been an option on the platform since 2007, providing perks such as ad-free browsing and uncapped mod download speeds. The current membership options are split into 1-month, 6-month, 12-month and lifetime plans, but that’s set to change on 3rd August.

“Since we first started offering Premium Membership, our billing system… has been handled by our Invision Board forums software and PayPal,” Nexus Mods explained. “To be frank, it’s old, archaic, held together by duct tape and glue and was never really intended to be used by a site as big as ours. It’s so delicate, we have not been able to update our Premium Membership pricing since 2013 because doing so breaks many different elements of the billing and Premium membership system which we have no control over as the code is not ours.

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