New World Beta – Game Informer Live

New World goes into a beta state today, with the actual launch not too far away. Actual release is scheduled for August 31, but we’re going in to explore the beta right now! Amazon Games’ MMORPG has been under development for ages and gone through multiple iterations – how do things look right now with a month to go before release? Let’s take a look! We explored some late game expedition (dungeon) and PVP content a little bit ago, and now we’re going in fresh for a new look at all things New World.

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Big mauls. Magic spells. Crafting. Dungeon dives and player-vs-player faction battles. MMORPG players are always voracious for new offerings within the space, so the question is simple. Will New World satiate that hunger? What faction will we join? Will we be eaten by bears? What’s the world like? Come join Dan Tack for answers to these important questions on an all-new episode of Game Informer Live today at 2 PM CST. We’ll be talking all things MMORPGs and attempting to navigate our way through these bold new lands. 

Supernatural terrors await us around every turn, but the standard denizens of the environment such as wildlife are sure to present a challenge as well. How much leveling can we get done? How’s the game look? What’s cool? What’s not? And of course, perhaps the most important question – will the servers even be stable enough to play on? Will there be a huge player queue to get in? 

Join us for our livestream on Twitch today at 2 PM CT for a look at New World! If you miss the action, don’t worry – you can catch it on YouTube later! Are you interested in MMORPGs? Are you interested in New World? What are you playing in the space right now? Let us know in the comments!


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