January 27, 2023

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Monster Hunter Rise Lightcrystal | Where to find and farm Lightcrystal

Through your adventure in Monster Hunter Rise, you’ve become more than accustomed to shiny things.

However, one lustrous object that can prove harder to track down than most is Lightcrystal.

An important part of many popular pieces of gear, Lightcrystal is crucial to creating some of the most interesting offensive and defensive equipment during the mid-game.

Here’s where you can find Lightcrystal in Monster Hunter Rise.

Where to find Lightcrystal in Monster Hunter Rise

Lightcrystal is a rare drop from Mining Outcrops in the Flooded Forest area of Monster Hunter Rise.

This means that, unless you’re very lucky, you’ll have to visit multiple different harvesting points to get what you need.

While the easiest and most plentiful source of Lightcrystal is mining in the Flooded Forest, you can also source the material from mission rewards from completing Village Quests.

Or you could send the Meowcenaries to pillage the Flooded Forest, choosing a route that includes an ore icon.

How to farm Lightcrystal in Monster Hunter Rise

The Flooded Forest is a dense area with a lot of verticality, meaning it’s difficult to pick an efficient path that visits most of its Mining Outcrops to collect the most Lightcrystal.

Personally, I find it easier to leave the pyramid completely alone and take a shorter route which focuses on the centre of the map.

Follow the yellow line on the map and instructions below for our Lightcrystal farming route through the Flooded Forest:

From your spawn point, head east into Area 1 and harvest the Mining Outcrop on the eastern edge.

Next, head northeast towards Area 9 where there’s another easily accessible chance at Lightcrystal.

After that, head north and use your wirebug to climb the cliff edge on the left. On top, there’s a hollow cave with a Mining Outcrop on the right – harvest it, then jump out and head north towards Area 7.

Look to your left and there’s another chance at Lightcrystal next to the water. Then turn south into Area 11, mining the Outcrop from the bushes.

Finally, head south then to the west into Area 10 to grab the last easily accessible Mining Outcrop.

This sets you up to return to Area 1 and start the whole loop again!

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