January 26, 2023

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Monster Hunter Rise: Eroded Skeletons | Where to find Bone Piles

Eroded Skeletons are a material in Monster Hunter Rise used for crafting.

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What are Eroded Skeletons in Monster Hunter Rise?

Eroded Skeletons are a crafting resource you gain from looting environmental features in Monster Hunter Rise.

If you were thinking that this would be a momentary reprieve from the grisly business of hunting monsters, though, you’re out of luck. Eroded Skeletons are found in Bone Piles, and the game is very explicit about how they got there. Corpses were buried in the sand and have been worn away gradually by years of wind erosion.

Where to find Eroded Skeletons in Monster Hunter Rise

You can find the Bone Piles you need to loot in many locations around the Sandy Plains.

Appropriately, they are largely found in particularly sandy areas. The northern half of the Sandy Plains in particular features a number of hotspots where you can find Bone Piles, though they can be found in areas 1 and 4 as well.

How to farm Eroded Skeletons most efficiently in Monster Hunter Rise

Eroded Skeletons are quite easy to farm, due to their generous spawn likelihood, and the fact that they’re obtained by looting rather than hunting.

However, there are a couple of things you can do to make obtaining them even easier.

First — as ever when your main focus is gathering crafting resources — visit their location as part of an Expedition Tour rather than a hunt. This gives you ample time and freedom to gather as many as you need.

Secondly, eating Raisin d’Etre Dango before heading out gives you a powerful buff that will help you in your search. It reduces the time it takes resources to respawn, allowing you to return to the same Bone Piles more frequently to gather more Eroded Skeletons.

What can you craft with Eroded Skeletons in Monster Hunter Rise?

Eroded Skeletons are mainly used in crafting armour, though at least one weapon also calls for them as a component:

  • Alacrantze I (Lance weapon)
  • Jawblade I (Greatsword weapon)
  • Barroth armour set (Greaves piece)
  • Bone armour set (Coil, Greaves, Helm, Mail, and Vambraces pieces)
  • Death Stench armour set (Brain piece)
  • Kulu-Ya-Ku armour set (Braces piece)
  • Melahoa armour set (Folia and Hat pieces)
  • Rhopessa armour set (Brachia piece)
  • Skull armour set (Visage piece)
  • Volvidon armour set (Vambraces piece)

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