Metroid Dread: release date, pre-orders, special edition, amiibo, gameplay, and more

Pre-order Metroid Dread amiibo

Metroid Dread reignites the Metroid series with the first game in 19 years. Excited fans almost didn’t care that Nintendo didn’t have news about Metroid Prime 4. This new installment of the Metroidvania series takes place years after Metroid Fusion, the last Metroid game from the early 2000s. Samus explores a strange new planet alone, hunted by the ominous E.M.M.I. enemies.

Developers promised that Metroid Dread would be a beginner-friendly entry into the series. It seems to mimic its predecessors with platforming action in a sterile, slightly scary environment crawling with creatures and robots. But what else do you need to know to jump into this robo-space story?

Here’s everything we know so far about Metroid Dread.

Metroid Dread release date

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Metroid Dread releases on October 8, 2021 for the Nintendo Switch. So gear up this fall for this platforming action-adventure game with ya girl, Samus.

Nintendo announced the release date at Nintendo E3 2021 along with the existence of the game. Metroid Dread came as a pleasant surprise, especially for fans waiting on Metroid Prime 4.

Is Metroid Dread the same as Metroid Prime 4?

Metroid Dread is a different game than Metroid Prime 4. Part of the reason Metroid Dread was such a surprise was that fans were waiting on Metroid Prime 4 without even knowing Metroid Dread existed.

Nintendo announced Metroid Prime 4 with a teaser trailer during E3 2017. However, even back then, the company didn’t show any footage of the actual game or clue viewers into what the game would be about. The company passed 2018 without any updates until 2019 when it revealed that the team was scrapping Metroid Prime 4 development for a restart with the original Prime Trilogy developers Retro Studios.

During E3 2021, developers assured fans that Metroid Prime 4 was still in development but showcased Metroid Dread instead.

Metroid Dread Special Edition

Metroid Dread: Special Edition (a.k.a. the collector’s edition of the game) includes the base game, a steelbook, a 190-page 2D Metroid franchise artbook, and cards featuring artwork from the five games in the Metroid saga.

Metroid Dread pre-orders

Metroid Dread pre-orders for the standard edition are still readily available.

Sadly, special editions have sold out in the US. However, if and when there’s a restock, we’ll be sure to let you know. Some copies are still available in the UK.

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Metroid Dread amiibo

Pre-order Metroid Dread amiibo

The Metroid Dread amiibo 2-pack includes Samus in her Metroid Dread armor and E.M.M.I, the game’s mechanical menace. The Samus and E.M.M.I amiibo can’t be bought separately–it’s both or nothing.

Thankfully, the two figures come with separate abilities. The Samus amiibo increases Samus’ health by 100 with the first scan, and owners can scan again to receive more health once per day. The E.M.M.I. amiibo equips Samus with a Missile+ tank that increases her missile capacity by 10. Owners can scan E.M.M.I. again to replenish missiles once per day.

These amiibo will ship alongside Metroid Dread on October 8, 2021. Unfortunately, most of the dual pack pre-orders have sold out. Your best bet now is to watch for news on restocks and bookmark the links from our Metroid Dread amiibo pre-order page. Check back on release day to see if the stock situation improves.

Metroid Dread gameplay

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Gaming fans might have heard of the term ‘metroidvania‘ to describe platformers that involve discovering pieces of an expansive world with unlockable abilities. These abilities serve as keys to unlock doors–a.k.a. new explorable areas of the map. Alternatively, players can return to places they already visited to find new things they might’ve not noticed before.

The only clue about the story seems to be E.M.M.I., a robot chasing Samus in Metroid Dread. According to the Metroid Dread Report Vol.2, these vigilant guards indicate their actions with three colored lights that shine from their eyes. Green means that E.M.M.I. is searching the area for suspicious activity but hasn’t spotted anything yet. Yellow means that it sensed something sus and is now investigating. Red means Samus has been caught red-handed, which usually leads to a chase. Players can escape, but only if they book it!

Metroid Dread seems to follow in the footsteps of past installments. However, it’s unclear how they plan to implement the story throughout the game. Presumably, players come across bosses at their own explorative pace and piece together the plot while progressing through the world. During Nintendo’s E3 Treehouse, players witnessed Samus running, jumping, and evading various obstacles.

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