March 24, 2023

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Mass Effect Legendary Edition changes Tali’s photo in Mass Effect 3

BioWare actually went back and changed that one moment from Mass Effect 3.

Of the many, many smaller tweaks Mass Effect Legendary Edition makes to the beloved sci-fi trilogy, one in particular will surely bring back memories of some early internet outrage.

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The controversial ending of Mass Effect 3 left many disappointed, but it wasn’t the only thing fans piled on back then. Tali’Zorah, the Quarian engineer, is one of Shepard’s original squad mates, and one of the series’ most beloved characters. Tali’s face is never shown, however, nor do that of any Quarian. Quarians are always depicted with their breathing helmets on, which filters the air and keeps their compromised immune system protected.

However, if you choose to romance Tali, you eventually get to see her face in Mass Effect 3 when Shepard picks up a framed photo of her. Unfortunately, the picture that existed in the original Mass Effect 3 wasn’t very alien, because it was a simple photoshop of a stock image of a woman in a sunset.

In Mass Effect Legendary Edition, BioWare replaced that with a more appropriate, in-universe picture of Tali. Reddit user Maxgoods spotted the portrait, and shared a video of it.

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Though it does show her face, it’s probably not what fans were expected, as it doesn’t quite look alien. But, it’s probably better than the original.

Some of the other changes made in the Legendary Edition haven’t been quite as well received. Alex recently explained how the push for better visuals came at the expense of the original game’s art style and tone. Level scaling has also been another point of contention among fans.

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