Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy reviews round-up – all the scores

The embargo for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy just went live, and as such reviews are blasting in from numerous publications – each piece as distinct as the Guardian’s themselves. But with all this writing pouring in, and the game coming out tomorrow, it might be hard to judge the full spectrum of opinions out there right now. To help you get a grasp of the general opinion on the game, we’ve compiled the reviews for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy for your viewing pleasure.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is the latest project from Eidos-Montreal, which puts you in the rocket shoes of the charismatic outlaw Star-Lord as he and the other colourful cast of the Guardians venture across the galaxy in this single player Action Adventure. The game promises to capture the wit popularized by the hugely popular Marvel film released back in 2014.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy promises truly engaging action – as you partially control the rest of your space-faring crew and weave special attacks together in combat. Combined with a narrative meant to appeal to those looking for that particular Guardians flavour, will the game hit lofty expectations fans have set for it?

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