June 1, 2023

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Mario Golf: Super Rush courses and clubs: All Super Rush clubs and unlockable courses

Mario Golf courses and Mario Golf clubs are the foundation of Super Rush. Each course presents a new set of challenges you’ll adapt to and also a new set of clubs to experiment with. Some of these have a significant effect on how you play, but you’ll need some coins in the bank to get the best ones. Our Mario Golf clubs and course guide has them all so you can plan for the set you want.

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Mario Golf courses: How many courses are in Mario Golf Super Rush

There are six Mario Golf courses as of now. Nintendo promised more in future DLC releases, which will presumably include the New Donk City Mario Golf course shown in promotional materials.

Two of the current courses are available from the start, and the others unlock after just a bit of play.

Aside from offering new challenges and a change of scenery, new courses also come with new shops. You can buy attire here, along with new clubs. Some of these are pricey, though. Make sure to plan ahead and think about which clubs would help the most for whatever situation you’re working through.

Mario Golf clubs

There are quite a few clubs to choose from, each with a special effect on the shot you take. Some are more obviously useful than others, but even the more outlandish ones — the banana set that shoots huge curve shots, for example — have their benefits depending on the course.

Our list includes all the current clubs, and we’ll update it once Nintendo releases the Mario Golf DLC.

Not listed are the two Star sets obtained from redeeming character points.

How to get coins in Mario Golf

If you find yourself short on coins, playing a few rounds of Speed and Battle Golf should fix that. Completing quests in Adventure mode also earns you a good haul of coins.

Whatever club you choose, learning how and when to add back spin is crucial to improving your score on any course.

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