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Lost Ark Hands-on Preview – an MMORPG in a ARPG’s body

Lost Ark is an MMO ARPG from korean developers Smilegate that’s created a massive buzz around the world for ARPG fans who have sat idly by waiting for any news about its release in the west. Amazon Game Studios announced that it would be helping port the game over to the rest of the world and publish it at some point in March 2022.

In the gameplay preview video above I go over some of the gameplay features you can expect from the full game as well as my early impressions. It’s a bit bitter sweet previewing MMOs because they are investment games with days and months worth of gameplay, and I feel like I only scratched the surface. I wanted to go off and explore everything but there just wasn’t enough time to do anywhere near everything it has to offer.

But with that being said, from the little I played and from researching Lost Ark’s Korean version, I’m still excited for its release and can see so much potential in its future.

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